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history of the water towe

  • In 1897 the water tower of Bussum is completed by engineer Halbertsma and the Bussum Water Supply Company is operational
  • In 1967 the water tower is renovated because of the occurring decline of the upper part of the tower. Due to its new appearance it gets the nickname ‘the watch knob of Holland
  • In 1990 the activities are ended
  • In 1996 the water tower is sold to Michiel Haas through a public tender
  • In 2004 the ‘Bussums Watertoren Collectief’ existing of  Michiel Haas (NIBE) and Bob Custers (VOCUS architecten Bussum) is established
  • In 2008 the building permit for the office building is  granted

  • In the spring of 2010 ‘the most sustainable office building of the Netherlands’ is completed


   1897 - 1967                1967 - 2010                 2010 - nu

FOLDERS and articles about the water tower (in Dutch)

Folder NIBE:
De Watertoren

Folder Agentschap NL:
Bussumse watertoren

Article Energie & Milieu (jaargang 1, 2009, nummer 1):
Een eyecatcher en bovenal duurzaam kantoorgebouw

Article Building (2-2010 jaargang 5)::
De droom van duurzaamheid

Article Bussums Historisch Tijdschrift (Augustus 2010, jaargang 26, nummer 3):
De Bussumse Waterleiding Maatschappij
De Bussumse Watertoren: Een nieuw duurzaam monument

Article de Ingenieur (nummer 5, jaargang 123, 25 maart 2011:
Extreme energietoren: Project in Bussum wint wedstrijd


More information about the water tower is to be found on the website www.watertorenbussum.nl