Our Mission:

The Dutch Institute for Building Biology and Ecology (NIBE) does research, advises and designs on the areas of environment, health and building/managing. The NIBE wants to be national and international leader in technique, science and feasibility concerning building environmental friendly and healthy. The most important mission of the NIBE is to contribute to a peaceful, healthy, safe, sustainable and ethic society, in which equal rights exist for everything that lives. 

The NIBE sees Corporate Social Responsibility as the core of her existence. This makes the triple P (People, Planet, Profit/Prosperity) as starting point of all her actions. The NIBE connects idealism to entrepreneurship and with that the social and ecological involvement to as the condition of economic efficiency.

The pursue of this mission takes place by means of consulting, the development of products and services, doing research, giving lectures and writing books and articles. With that we want to use our creativity and innovation ability to be groundbreaking in our field. 

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