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  • Electrostress & Gezondheid
    NIBE's Tabellenboek 2015 Milieuclassificaties bouwproducten
  • Kinderen, Dieren & Water in de Woonomgeving
    NIBE's Basiswerk Milieuclassificaties, Deel 1 - Constructies
  • NIBE's Basiswerk Milieuclassificatie, Deel 2 - Gevels en Daken
    NIBE's Basiswerk Milieuclassificaties, Deel 4 - Installaties
25 years experience

Experts in sustainability

The NIBE contributes already for over 20 years to an environmental friendly and healthy building environment. Our expertise expresses itself in innovative advises, researches, designs and models on the level of building sustainably, policies, energy, indoor climate and knowledge on materials. 
Doelgroepen NIBE

the targets groups of nibe

The NIBE works for widely different clients in the building sector. From authorities through developing parties up till producers of building products. They know how to find the NIBE when it comes to complex problems and the realization of ambitions in the field of sustainability and building healthy.